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This book is a “break the glass in case of an emergency” tool. Rock bottom is going to happen at one point or another in your entrepreneurial journey, and I don’t want you to be caught off guard or feel alone, which is why I have written this book. 

Who is This Book For?

I’m going to give it to you straight, starting with who I am. Most books are written after the author has “made it.” They’ve already become a gazillionaire, they’re famous and have a big house, and they’re telling you how you can do it too. Me? Right now, I am a proud thousandaire. I have debt, I drive a Honda, and I’m decidedly sharing my story although I’m a single mother, I take care of my parents, I have like four jobs, and I barely kept my business afloat during the pandemic. I want to reach you while I’m still in the grind and I pray that my testimony helps you, because if I save just one person, then my journey and pain have served their purpose.

This book is a guiding light for individuals who have ventured into the challenging world of entrepreneurship and encountered their fair share of rock bottom moments. I tailored this book to provide insights, inspiration, and practical strategies for a diverse range of readers no matter where you are on your journey.


I created a private group so we can bond on a deeper level, and we can learn from each other. Also, as part of this group, you'll have access to bonus content curated to help you achieve your version of success in life and business. 

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