Charlynda Scales is the founder and CEO of Mutt’s Sauce, LLC, a company that makes “the sauce for every meal.” She is an Air Force veteran on a mission to bring American families together and unlock people's purpose by harnessing her gift of empathy and servant leadership. Mutt's Sauce recently debuted and sold out on QVC. 


She is a Clemson University graduate, with a degree in Aerospace Science and Business Management. She also holds an MBA in Strategic Leadership. She started the company Mutt’s Sauce, LLC while she was still serving on active duty in the military. She is a graduate of the following distinguished courses:

Tuck School of Executive Leadership at Dartmouth

The Empower Program,  by Dayton Chamber of Commerce

The Course for Presidents, by Aileron

Her passion for educating the youth and empowering our nation's Girl Scouts resulted in her being awarded with a Lifetime Membership to Girl Scouts of the USA. She has also partnered with SCORE and Bunker Labs, two organizations that have made invaluable impacts on her success as a veteran entrepreneur. 


Charlynda and the story of Mutt's Sauce has been featured in Yahoo! Finance,, CBS News, NBCUniversal, Black Enterprise Magazine,,, and Air Force Association Magazine. In 2016, she was crowned 2nd runner up, Ms. Veteran America.

In 2020, Charlynda was humbled to learn her journey with Mutt's Sauce was also featured in FUBU Founder and Shark Tank investor Daymond John's latest bestselling book, POWERSHIFT.  



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