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"When you believe in something bigger than yourself, rock-bottom has a trampoline."

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"Rock Bottom" is a temporary state of being. I should know- I've had to bounce back many times over 40 years. Each time, I walked forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

My gift is cultivating influential people - like you - by meeting you where you are in life and in business. 

My first book, Rock Bottom Has a Trampoline, officially releases on 31 October 2023. It's a compilation of the highs and lows I've not spoken about in depth over my entrepreneurial career. I pray my testimony helps you navigate your journey or someone you care about. 


The journey of entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It's a marathon, and I've thankfully done well due to embracing failure and decades of life experience. I have over 11 years of service as an Acquisitions Officer in the Air Force, 7 years as a government contractor, and 2 years as a government civilian.  I gave birth to my first child in March 2020- just in time to experience the global pandemic. While I restarted two companies, I also launched a 7-figure non-profit to help serve my local community.  

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Mailing Address:

3541 Dayton-Xenia Rd

P.O. Box 340991

Dayton, OH 45432

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